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Chris Perry on Leadership

Chris is focused on helping develop people and their businesses; while also finding more passive income streams to build a bigger legacy to pass on to his family. Raised in a Christian family, Chris believes the “secret” to success and living a fulfilled life is being kind and helping others. He went to DeMatha High school […]

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improve your productivity at work using NLP

Increase Individual and Team Performance

There is a huge amount of untapped potential within organizations. This untapped potential leads to lower revenue, lower retention of employees, and a weaker corporate culture. Talk To Umar According to Gallup survey conducted May 2020:38% of employees are engaged49% are complacent13% are highly disengagedThat indicates that 52% of employees are not engaged. This is […]

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sales training workshops

What stops you from reaching your sales potential

One of the most frustrating things for sales managers is when you have a sales rep that is doing a good job but has the potential to be a superstar. For whatever reason, they can’t seem to make the jump. The question is what can you do as a sales manager to help a salesperson […]

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How to get a start-up off the ground

[Show Transcription] Umar Hameed  Today I have the privilege of sitting down with Julie Lenzer Lancer here at what do you call this place? Julie Lenzer It’s called the startup UMD at the Diamondback garage,which is a mouthful, and you’re the chief innovation officer. That’s right at the University of Maryland College Park. Umar Hameed   […]

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perfectionism gets in the way of your work

How to overcome perfectionism in 3 steps

Perfection is an illusion that more times than not delivers less than stellar results. This is not news and yet thousands of people strive for perfection every day. This article will highlight why people strive for perfection and how to break the habit so you become happier while increasing the quality of your work. “Perfectionism […]

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Vlad Kats, CEO Five Doors – Focus on Production

Vlad Kats is the CEO of Five Doors Network, the leading expansion team of the largest real estate company in the world, Keller Williams. Five Doors Network’s vision is to create, build, and protect generational wealth for families through real estate by leveraging superior talent, proven systems & models, and revolutionary technology. Prior to joining […]

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Dave Mattson, CEO at Sandler on Building a Kick-Ass Sales Team

Sandler Training (@SandlerTraining) named Dave Mattson (@Dave_Mattson) its CEO in 2007. During his years as CEO, revenue from the company’s Global Accounts Division has increased by 53 percent, international revenue by more than 145 percent and total company revenue by 35 percent. Business remained stable through the recent recession and, in fact, experienced an increased […]

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