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Executive Coaching Baltimore

Management Teams are the nerve center of an organization. The impact of their decisions ripples throughout the organization all the way down to the entry-level folk. So when a Management Team meets to strategize the organization’s future all members must be fully committed to each other. No politics, no silos or hidden agendas can be allowed to get in the way.

We have developed a neuroscience-based approach to transform average teams into exceptional ones. Take a look at the results:

Better Beliefs

“Real change only happens when the beliefs of an organization change.” This company tried to make changes several times in the past. You know what I mean, retreats and promises to improve but always reverting back to old behaviors. Paradoxically, all the management knew what the problems were and what needed to be changed.

What was needed here was a fundamental change of beliefs. The team went from how can I look like a “star” and how my department can look good so what can I do to ensure the organization wins. Each team member had a new selfless commitment to each other and the organization. This belief shift fundamentally changed the organization.

Problems that they had tried and failed to resolve in the past were quickly addressed. The whole team came together on the same page, going in the same direction. This became a highly effective organization.

Executive Coaching Baltimore
Executive Coaching Baltimore

Faster More Nimble Organization

“We now have absolute team commitment.” We transformed a good team into a great team. Every manager has a clear vision of what the future looks like. They are going all out to make this future a reality.


When your management team operates at a higher level, higher quality work gets done faster. No more silos or fiefdoms. Just people who want to make the organization much more effective and profitable.

This type of breakthrough gives your management team a high level of passion that is contagious enough to infect the entire company. It all starts with the management team.

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Stronger Board Of Directors

“My board got more done in the next three months than they had gotten done in the previous year.” Mary Ellen is the Executive Director of the Maryland Fuel Fund. She had a strong board but if they fully committed they could make a huge difference in the lives of their clients.

At the end result of the retreat, the team had a new set of beliefs. This transformation resulted in a compelling new vision and a detailed plan to make it happen. The board had passion, urgency and a will to make a difference in the lives of needy Baltimoreans. So join us and start Executive Coaching in Baltimore.

When your team is on the same page, going in the same direction and the team members are fully committed to one another there is no challenge they cannot conquer. We can transform your team. Give me a call to discuss.





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