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C-Suite Conversations

“As much as I wanted to sell on value, I caved in on price.” I worked with Denise to help her change her beliefs around value. Routinely she competed with giants like Intel and Motorola Multi-billion dollar corporations. I did some breakthrough coaching with Denise. Here take a look at her results.

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My Teams On Fire

“Our deal size has gone up from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions”  Umar did a Neuroscience-based 2-day workshop with our entire team and the results have been great. The sales, marketing, and support teams came together as one unit. No more politics, silos, and hidden agendas getting in the way. Now we have a highly driven and highly effective team.

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Getting Unstuck!

“I never seemed to get the right words out in a sales situation.” In a two hour session, I helped Allison figure out what was holding her back. We used powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming tools to help her break through her limiting belief. She started getting appointments immediately. I never told her what to say, I just changed the limiting belief into an empowering one that served her better. Take a look at the results!

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Immediate Results

“I was ready to quit”. Brian needed to overcome his call reluctance so he could start earning some real money. In two sessions, he was able to comfortably and easily make his calls and the money started rolling in. He went from struggling to being part of the $1,000,000 Round Table in one year!


Unlike traditional sales were a salesperson has to actively remember the new behavior and force him or herself to do it. Neuroscience opens up a world of possibilities to help average salespeople become great because the new changes become part of their mindset. In this case, Brian did not have to think about any technique everything happened in his subconscious. Now when Brian sees a phone and has to pick it up and start making money!

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