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You Are Not Reaching Your Full Potential if:

  • You're not as happy as you could be
  • You're not as successful as you want to be
  • Your mindset limits your success
  • You're not achieving your financial goals
  • Your relationships could be better

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Have you ever wondered, Why your not achieving the level of success you want?

Let’s get one thing straight, figuratively speaking, you will get kicked in the balls.

I mean that’s what life’s about. Right?

We have wins, losses, hopes, dreams, and desires. And setbacks that derail our best plans.

What separates successful people from ones that never quite make it is the mindset. The stronger your mindset, the more clarity you have on what you want to achieve. The stronger your mindset, the more likely you are to keep going no matter what. The stronger your mindset, the more you accomplish in life. The stronger your mindset, the happier you are.

NLP is the best way to remove your limitations and strengthen your mindset. 

  • Learn what really drives human behavior and how you can take control of your mindset
  • Learn how to expand your comfort zone so you accomplish more
  • Discover how to stop sabotaging yourself
  • Identify your biggest fears that keep you trapped so you can become truly free
  • Learn how to align your inner authentic self and how you show up in the world
  • Learn how to access inner peace and inner strength in any situation
  • Learn a technique from Applied Neuroscience that will transform fear to unstoppable drive

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It's frustrating not knowing what mindset issue is sabotaging your performance

Sonia's Story

More than 30 years ago – when she was just 9 years old – Sonia experienced one of the most significant days of her life. Her mother was going out on her first date since being divorced six months earlier. “Just keep the doors and windows locked and you’ll be fine,” her mother said.

Sonia wanted to be brave, but she became increasingly anxious after her mother left. She had never been left alone before. A short time later, she heard someone walking up the front steps toward the front door.

Something about that freaked her out and put her in fight or flight mode.

Sonia raced to the kitchen where she pulled out a large knife from the butcher-block cutlery set on the counter. Knife in hand, she ran to the bathroom and slammed the door shut. She waited in the dark.

I met Sonia recently. She is the CEO of a successful company and she’s especially proud of her management team. It took Sonia two years to find the right people – people who had the drive, passion, and expertise – to help her build the company.

Yet, here’s the problem: Sonia is a world-class micromanager. She must involve herself with every decision her team makes. Her actions have alienated members of her team and slowed the overall operation of the company. Sonia, at least, recognized this problem. She participated in a workshop that focused on delegation skills, and she even hired a personal coach.

Still, nothing changed because the issue was deep-seated in her mindset.

When Sonia came to see me, she spoke about her compulsion to micromanage.

I asked her to think of an instance when she felt the need to satisfy this compulsion. “Just the other day,” she said, “I was talking with a client and something was going wrong. And, I felt the urge to take charge.”

“Sonia, in your mind, go back to that event and visualize what you saw,” I said. “Listen to what you heard – your client’s voice, any sounds that were present, and your inner thoughts. When you do that, you begin to feel what you were feeling then.

“Oh my God,” Sonia said. “I’m feeling it now. There’s a weird feeling in my belly.”

By utilizing a tool I learned from neuroscience, I helped Sonia to link that feeling in her mid-section with her unconscious mind. I said to her unconscious mind: “This is a distinct feeling that you are experiencing – when have you felt it before?”

If I had addressed Sonia’s conscious mind, the response would have been: “I don’t know.” The unconscious mind, however, records everything. As soon as I asked her about the feeling, her mind took her back to that event 30 years before.

That night, as she hid in the bathroom holding the large kitchen knife, Sonia had a thought: “To my mother, men are more important than me.” With that thought, she created a powerful belief: “The only person in the entire world whom I can truly trust is me.” It was that belief that drove her behavior for three decades.

Using that NLP tool, I showed Sonia how to change that belief. After a 90-minute session, it became visibly apparent that something profound had happened to Sonia. As she left the session, I asked her to take notice of anything that felt different.

Sonia called me a few days later and said: "I'm not sure what you did, but it's like 100 pounds have been lifted off my shoulders.” She also said her urge to micromanage was gone, and for the first time in her life, she was truly enjoying her accomplishments.

Change happens in an instant.

In our culture, we think that change is difficult, takes a long time, and may never occur despite our best efforts. The truth is that NLP is a gamechanger for the human race because it delivers change on demand.

Join Our Success Mindset Group

Our six week program accelerates your personal and professional success. Each week you will join a group of doers that want to learn how to take control of their mindset. They will discover and master powerful NLP processes that boost their abilities. Each week they will breakthrough personal barriers and learn techniques that will let them show up more powerfully in life.

Let me show you how to unleash your full potential!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Do you believe that there is a better YOU inside YOU, just waiting to be revealed? A you that is more powerful, driven, and successful? A YOU that is happier in life. This program will deliver that.

Each week you will learn powerful NLP techniques that will help you break through life-long limitations. I will call on a volunteer to join me on stage (on zoom these days). I will help them get a breakthrough before your eyes.

I will outline step-by-step how I did the breakthrough. Answer any questions before I let the participants try out the technique on each other.

Then I will break the group up into pairs. So everyone will have seen the breakthrough done twice. They will have helped a teammate get a breakthrough so they deepen the learning. And most importantly, they will have experienced a breakthrough themselves.

Over this six-week course, participants will experience dozens of breakthroughs making them stronger more resourceful human beings. The YOU that graduates will be more powerful than the You that walked into the course.

Ready to learn NLP and switch on awesomeness?

Be More Confident

You will learn powerful NLP techniques that will allow you to switch on ultimate confidence, certainty, and passion anytime you need it. People want to buy from confident and self-assured people.  You'll have that in spades. 

Be More Strategic 

Learn how to outthink think any problem so you find elegant ways to grow your sales. Stop playing small and go after and win bigger deals. This will give you the ability to accelerate your success. 

Be Comfortable in Your Skin

In this group you will learn how to find the most powerful version of you. The new and improved you will pick bigger goals and give you the boldness to go make them a reality

Remove Anxiety and Hesitation

Get rid of the negative voice inside your head. You will be able to remove limiting beliefs and behaviors that have blocked your success in the past. This frees up a ton of energy that you can use to build the life you want. 

Break Through Your Limitations With NLP

Here's what’s in the course

Weekly Group Training - There is a 90 min group training session each week where we go deep into each module of the training. The group interaction ensures everyone participates and we learn from each other. The group also provides accountability so the work gets done. The bonds formed in the training go beyond the six-week training.

Weekly Q&A Call - On the weekly Q&A call you can get any question you have answered. This is also a place to share your results so we can help you fine-tune your learning to ensure you are on track to double your sales.

Mindset Training Videos - You will get additional training videos that further your learning between group sessions. They will allow you to accelerate your mastery of NLP and your understanding of your full potential.

One-on-One Session - In this session with Umar you will strategize on how you can build an amazing life and career using the NLP skills that you are learning each week. This will allow you to get the most out pf your training.

Private Facebook Group - Access additional trainings that will help you master your mindset so you improve your performance. Additionally, this is where all of your fellow group members will get their issues and problems solved so we can learn from each other.  Finally, this is where group members share wins, loses, and the WTF moments.

Your 6 week path to sales success


Week 1: Access Your Best Most Powerful Self

In this module, you'll learn the fundamentals of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). You will be able to access peak states of performance. Be able to laser focus on any task you set and access the internal resources you need to complete the task. You will be able to increase your drive, passion, and certainty so you attack life with gusto.


Week 2: Remove Unwanted Behaviors

In this module, you'll learn how to identify what drives your limiting behaviors. You will learn an elegant NLP process that will allow you to replace any limiting behavior with an empowering one that serves you better. Once your limiting behaviors are a thing of the past you become a more powerful person. True transformation begins in this module.


Week 3: Timeline Therapy

Knowing your timeline allows you to use the power of your neurology to create massive changes in your life.

In this module, you'll learn how your subconscious mind codes time. This knowledge will allow you to let go of any past mistakes and traumas. Once you are freed up from the past you can fully focus on building the future you want. Knowing your timeline also allows you to program your mind to accelerate your goal acquisition abilities.


Week 4: Switch On The Power Of Your Mind

It is incredibly frustrating when you know what you want to do. You know you are capable of doing it. But no matter how hard you try you don't succeed. This happens when a limiting behavior gets hot-wired into your psyche. In this module, you'll learn how to replace limiting hot-wired processes with empowering ones that give you spectacular results.


Week 5: Learn How To Resolve Inner Conflict

One of the ways people get stuck in life is by having an internal conflict. For example, one part of your mind knows they will be successful but another equally strong part lets them know they don't deserve it. In this module, you'll learn a powerful NLP process that resolves conflicts within minutes.


Week 6: Learn How To Remove Limiting Beliefs

This is the granddaddy of NLP processes. Your beliefs drive your life. Your empowering beliefs let you shine and your limiting ones keep you stuck in a smaller life. In this module, you'll learn how to gracefully transform limiting beliefs into empowering ones.


Take a look at your Bonuses!

Bonus 1
Success Mindset Training

This course teaches you how to take charge of your mindset. You will learn 10 techniques from the world of neuroscience that will allow you to build a winning mindset.

These techniques are simple to execute but have a powerful impact on your abilities and the positive results you get.

Here is what you will learn:

  1. Become bolder in your actions
  2. Remove Limiting behaviors
  3. Be fully present
  4. Show up more powerfully In life
  5. Develop a gratitude mindset
  6. Stop negative self-talk
  7. Let go of past negative events
  8. Think at a higher level
  9. Let go of anxiety
  10. Breakthrough any barrier


Bonus 2
Simply Selling System

This highly effective sales methodology is based of research done by neuroscientists. It aligns with how people make sales decisions.

Once you understand what drives buying behavior you can master the art of selling. You will learn how to shorten your sales cycle and get customers that stay with you for a lifetime.

Here is what you will learn:

  1. How to be a closing powerhouse
  2. How to shorten the sales cycle
  3. How to be a master of influence
  4. How to get clients to reveal their budget and time to close 
  5. How to get clients to be your champions within their companies



Get $1893 of


Bonus 3
Mindset Boosters

Mindset Boosters let you decide how you want to act and feel in any situation. They are audio tracks that have Applied Neuroscience and NLP processes baked in. They show you how to talk charge of your mindset so you show up more powerfully in life.

Need to boost your confidence? There is a booster for that. In 7 minutes it will guide you through a process that will instantly boost your self-esteem and confidence so you can shine in any situation.

Dozens of Mindset Boosters come in seven categories:

  1. Sales Mindset
  2. Motivation and Confidence
  3. Overcome Anxiety
  4. Life's Ups and Downs
  5. Health and Wellness
  6. Sleep and Relaxation
  7. Transformation


About The Course Teacher,
Umar Hameed

Umar is one of the worlds leading experts on changing human behavior. He has spoken at conferences in 14 countries because leaders around the world want to know how to get their people to perform at a higher level. Umar has written several books on how to change behavior and has lectured at universities on three continents. 

Umar's purpose in life is to help people break through their limitations so they become better, stronger, and faster. This course allows Umar to fulfill his purpose by helping more people become awesomer.

Here’s what people are saying about Umar

Align Your Thoughts And Actions

Every once in a long while we show up for a challenging situation, as our best selves. Our best self is more powerful, more certain, and driven to succeed. The task at hand gets done effortlessly and the results are spectacular. This proves we are capable of so much more than we think.

The question becomes, why can't this awesomer version of me show up in life all the time. Just imagine what your life would be like if you tackled every challenge as your best self. The win-loss board would look very different. With each win, your self-image and confidence would improve.

For a moment think of all the times you took on challenges in the past where the best version of you did not show up. Those challenges could have been important conversations, business deals, going for a promotion, in a clutch situation on the golf course. No matter what it was not having your best self show up cost you. Would it be fair to say you have dozens maybe even hundreds of these failures that should have been wins?

When you know you could have done better and you fail it gets you to doubt yourself. Do that often enough and it becomes a pattern. A self-fulfilling prophecy that injures your self-esteem and confidence. After a while, you just learn to live a life of complacency.

When you think of all those past failures that could have been big wins if only your best self would have shown up. It hurts, right?

How much happiness has this cost you? How much money has this cost you? Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars? Only you can answer these questions?

This coaching lets you decide how you show up in life. I know this training will help you take charge of your sales career so you have more happiness, more success, more tenacity in your life. This coaching changes the way you show up in the world.

How much is this course worth to you? $10,000? $20,000? Whatever number you have in your head right now is pretty large, right? Do yourself a favor and sign-up for this group training. If it doesn't deliver you've got a money-back guarantee.

Let me show you how to unleash your full potential!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

At this point, you may be thinking is this success mastermind the missing element that I've been looking for? Is this the coaching that will allow me to reach my goals? If it gives me the tools I need to build a winning mindset then its worth every penny. But what if it isn't quite right for me. After the first group training you'll know if it's right for you.

I am giving you a money-back guarantee to tale the risk out of the decision. The real risk isn't the money, it's finding out years later that this training would have helped you become successful much sooner. Stop struggling and start winning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Let me show you how to unleash your full potential!

Personal note

Over 20 years ago I uncovered my purpose in life. It's to be a joyful educator that helps people break through their barriers so they become awesomer. This course comes from the heart. It helps me fulfill my purpose by empowering you to take charge of your mindset.

Ready to build a happier more successful life?

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