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Bob is an ambitious leader and professional as well as an expert in marketing and negotiating real estate to maximize profit for his buyers and sellers. Driven by a passion to help others and a strong moral compass, Bob holds a spotless real estate record that he attributes to the winning formula upon which he has built his career and his team: Integrity, Knowledge, Results. This formula has served him, his clients, and his team members well for over 40 years.

Bon has more than 200 Lucido team members across the country; recognized by REAL Trends and The Wall Street Journal as the #1 real estate team in the country across all brokerages. In 2017 Bob’s team sold over 2100 homes.

Podcast Highlights 

  • If you are not growing your dying so always be growing
  • Build a killer system then duplicate it
  • Your reputation and integrity defines you so guard it fiercely

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