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Teddy Bears & The Incredible Power of Props in Sales Presentations

Today, I was at a sales presentation by branding expert Gair Maxwell. He was talking about Jim Gilbert, one of his clients who has a used car dealership. When you think of a used car dealer, unpleasant attributes come to mind. Sleazy, untrustworthy, … This used car dealer had a branding problem. Who is going […]

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Cold Calling Tip 2 – The Spy within LinkedIN

What are the chances of you cold calling a company and having the exact product that they need at the exact time they need it? Not very good right. But what if you had a spy in that organization who could tell you exactly what problems and challenges need to be addressed. Not only that […]

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Cold Calling Tip #1 – Be part of the tribe

Learn how to turn a cold call into conversation. When humanity first started we banded together in tribes. We did this because this was the best way to ensure our safety. The people in our tribe protected us from danger and the people outside the tribe were the danger. When we cold call someone they […]

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Integrating LinkedIn and Email Marketing To Grow Your Sales

On the attached podcast Umar interviews Mark Vogel about integrating LinkedIn and email marketing so they leverage each other to build a strong sales channel. LinkedIn builds relationships that need to be nurtured so they can move from business acquaintance to customer and/or active referral agent. You can export your contacts from LinkedIn into your […]

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Using LinkedIn saved searches to build an accurate prospect list

On the attached podcast Umar Hameed interviews Colleen McKenna about creating saved searches in LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows users to create a search to find the right prospects. You can set parameters like Company name, size, revenue, industry, and more. Once you create a list you can save it so each week LinkedIn tells you how […]

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Boost Sales Performance

In order to get better results we have to change our behaviors. The question is what drives our behaviors. <The power of beliefs to boost sales

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