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Aakif Ahmad, Entrepreneur, Investor, Co-Founder Zaphyre and McLean Intelligent Workforce

Aakif Ahmad is an entrepreneur and investor with 20+ years of professional experience leading teams and growing businesses. Zaphyre Business Services is a company he founded that provides, sales, marketing, and lead generation service to small and medium-sized companies in the B2B and B2C sectors. Mclean Intelligent Workforce is a company he co-founded that provides […]

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What stops you from reaching your sales potential

One of the most frustrating things for sales managers is when you have a sales rep that is doing a good job but has the potential to be a superstar. For whatever reason, they can’t seem to make the jump. The question is what can you do as a sales manager to help a salesperson […]

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Javier Llerena, Author and Coach

Javier is on a mission to empower mid-level managers to unlock their real potential and transform their team into a “best team.” I love helping leaders and organization bring out the talent on their sides, accelerate learning and build positive cultures. Javier started his first business at the age of sixteen selling “Moon Shield,” a […]

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How to get a start-up off the ground

[Show Transcription] Umar Hameed  Today I have the privilege of sitting down with Julie Lenzer Lancer here at what do you call this place? Julie Lenzer It’s called the startup UMD at the Diamondback garage,which is a mouthful, and you’re the chief innovation officer. That’s right at the University of Maryland College Park. Umar Hameed   […]

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A Conversation With John Maggio

John Maggio and his sister Michelle are co-founders of Hawk Marketing and Networking in Annapolis. Hawk Marketing helps local businesses get more clients and gain dominance in their market.  Networking In Annapolis helps local entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and network marketers win on a local level with passion. Hosting 12-15 local networking events per month, John and Michelle present free workshops […]

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perfectionism gets in the way of your work

How to overcome perfectionism in 3 steps

Perfection is an illusion that more times than not delivers less than stellar results. This is not news and yet thousands of people strive for perfection every day. This article will highlight why people strive for perfection and how to break the habit so you become happier while increasing the quality of your work. “Perfectionism […]

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Vlad Kats, CEO Five Doors – Focus on Production

Vlad Kats is the CEO of Five Doors Network, the leading expansion team of the largest real estate company in the world, Keller Williams. Five Doors Network’s vision is to create, build, and protect generational wealth for families through real estate by leveraging superior talent, proven systems & models, and revolutionary technology. Prior to joining […]

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