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What Would Be The Impact If The Most Powerful Version of You Showed Up Tomorrow?

There is a better you inside YOU!

Learn 10 techniques to take charge of your mindset. So you become bolder in your thoughts and actions. Take your performance to a much higher level!

It's frustrating knowing you can do much better but not knowing what in your mindset is sabotaging your efforts to achieve your potential

Tom attended one of my keynote presentations last year. When Tom learned that I help people break through their barriers he set up an appointment over Zoom.

When we started our mindset coaching session I asked, "So what's going on?"

Tom replied, "I am the number one salesperson in my company. I am making good money and I love the company I work for. My biggest frustration is that I can't seem to break through to a higher level of performance. It drives me crazy knowing I should be doing better but not making it happen."

Tom continued, "No matter how hard I try I can't seem to get to the next level."

To uncover what was going on at an unconscious level I asked Tom, "Tell me about a particular time you were fretting about not reaching your potential."

Tom said, "Just a week or so ago I came home from work. While I was sitting in the car I started to berate myself for not doing better."

I asked Tom to go back to that moment in time in his mind and see what he saw back then and hear what he said to himself back then. Then I asked Tom, "What did you feel in your body back then?" Tom said, I felt an uncomfortable feeling in my chest and I am feeling it right now as well. This seems weird!"

I showed Tom a mind hack from neuroscience that connects a body sensation (feeling) to the unconscious mind that records everything. I asked Tom, "When was the first time you felt this feeling?"

Without this mind hack, Tom would have said, maybe? But with this tool. A memory from Tom's past flashed into his mind. Tom said, Oh my god, I'd forgotten this. I was about eight and nine years old, and my family had gone out to a restaurant. Before the waitress came to take our order dad turned to us kids and pointed at me.

Dad said, "Remember, don't order steak we can't afford it."

That statement created a limiting belief within Tom around money and self-worth. Despite this limiting belief, Tom is the number one salesperson in his company. But each time he thinks about doing better. That limiting belief generates that uncomfortable feeling to sabotages Tom's efforts to go beyond his current situation.

I showed Tom how to transform that limiting belief into an empowering one using powerful techniques from the world of neuroscience. A week later, I got a call from Tom saying, "I'm not sure what you did, but it's like 150 pounds have been lifted off my shoulders. I have more drive passion and certainty. This year I'm going to increase my sales by 50%.

Don't let your mindset sabotage your dreams and rob you of happiness and success. This course will give you the essential mindset tools you need to show up in life in a more powerful way.

Introducing The Success Mindset Online Course

This course teaches you how to take charge of your mindset. You will learn 10 techniques from the world of neuroscience that will allow you to build a winning mindset. These techniques are simple to execute but have a powerful impact on your abilities and the positive results you get.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You were put on earth to reach your full potential. The only problem is that we let our limiting beliefs and self-doubt convince us we are not worthy to achieve the level of success and happiness we deserve. This limiting mindset puts us in a prison of our own making.

In each module, you will learn a technique to take control of your mind so you get better results in your personal and professional life. I will explain how a tool works. Then demonstrate how to use it. Finally, you will get step-by-step instructions so you can test it out immediately.

Be More Confident

This course gives you the power to quickly build a winning mindset resulting in a more confident you. The more confidence you have, the better you do in life.

Be More Strategic 

Learn how to think at a higher level so you can elegantly solve problems. You will be able to develop better solutions in half the time.

Be Comfortable in Your Skin

This course is designed to put you in control of your thinking and actions. When you are doing what you want in the way that you want you it feels right. 

Remove Anxiety and Hesitation

You will be able to change limiting behaviors that have blocked your success in the past. And finally, quiet the negative voice inside your head.

Break Through Your Limitations With Theses Mindset Tools and Techniques

Here's what’s in the course

10 powerful techniques that are simple to learn and implement


Module 1: Decide How You Want To Feel

Champions are champions because they can switch on confidence or be ultra-focused at a moment's notice. It takes them years of discipline to learn that ability. You'll learn a mind hack that you can master in minutes. This will let you switch on any emotion you need. For example, if you need to feel unstoppable for an upcoming meeting you'll be able to switch that on before you walk into that meeting.


Module 2: Remove Unwanted Behaviors

Most people never change their limiting behaviors no matter how much they want to because will power just isn't enough. The old way is locked into their mindset. You'll learn an NLP technique to change the unwanted behavior at the level of mindset. For example, if you second guess yourself before taking action you'll be able to make decisions without hesitation.


Module 3: Access Inner Peace & Be Fully Present

Mystics since the dawn of time have been promising a path to inner peace and inner strength. Gurus have been promoting the benefits of living in the present moment. No one has time to meditate in a cave for 10 years to master these skills. In this module, you'll learn an elegant technique that takes no more than 5 seconds to live fully in the moment and access inner peace and inner strength.


Module 4: Show Up More Powerfully In Life

This Module takes the lesson from module one and 10Xs the impact of it. Let's say you have a meeting coming up that's critical to your career. You need to feel powerful so you don't cave in on their demands. You need to be focused so you don't miss anything important. Finally, you'll need to be patient so you don't lose your cool. This technique shows you how to create a cocktail of emotions so you are ready for any circumstance.


Module 5: Embrace Gratitude

We have thousands of things to be grateful for in our lives. The trouble is most people take them for granted and focus on what's going wrong. In this module, you will learn a technique to program your mindset so it looks for gratitude and happiness at an unconscious level. When you look for something, you find it. This technique will move your mindset from scarcity to an abundance focused mindset.


Module 6: Stop Negative Self-Talk

It's hard to win at anything when the enemy has a foothold in your mind. Negative self-talk has sabotaged more dreams than the Grinch that stole Christmas. In this module, you will learn a simple way to silence that negative voice inside your head so you can go about building a life of happiness and success.


Module 7: Let Go Of Past Negative Events

Negative events from our past come back and haunt us. The doubt and uncomfortable feelings arise to sabotage our efforts when we try and do similar things in the future. In this module, you will learn a methodology to learn from the past so you can release all the negativity from it. This allows you to tackle new tasks without hesitation.


Module 8: Think At A Higher Level

You will learn how to use your mind in a new and powerful way to out think any problem. The beauty of this strategy is that you are using your entire neurology to supercharge your thinking. You will be able to come up with brilliant plans extremely quickly.


Module 9: Let Go Of Anxiety

Anxiety is a way of life for way too many people. We have learned to live with it with the aid of pharmaceuticals, therapy, and mindfulness. In this module, you will learn a simple way to eliminate or greatly reduce anxiety. For example, if you feel anxious before a presentation, this technique will get you over it 5 minutes so you can boldly perform.


Module 10: Breakthrough Any Barrier

This module reinforces that you are more powerful than you think. You can use the techniques in this course in combination to overcome any obstacle standing in the way of you being awesome.


Take a look at your Bonuses!

NeuroBoosterz are audio tracks that are empowered by Applied Neuroscience. Think of it as software for your mind that allows you to take charge of your mindset. NeuroBoosterz help you improve your performance at work and at play. Boost your mindset so you can decide how you want to feel and act in any situation. Here are three of the most popular NeuroBoosterz you can have on your phone. So you get the help you need when you need it.

Bonus 1
Boost Your Self Esteem in 7 minutes

This NeuroBooster amps up your self-esteem whenever and where ever you need it. Lets say you are feeling a confidence level of 6/10 today. Before you step into a meeting listen to this 7 min NeuroBooster and boost your self-esteem to a 9 or 10/10.

Traditionally, people use rah, rah motivation to boost self-esteem. This is an extrinsic experience that is short-lived. The first roadblock that you hit and it's gone.

This NeuroBooster creates an intrinsic experience that is authentic and powerful.

Bonus 2
Let Go Of Work

Way too many people come home from work and are physically present with their families but mentally checked out. 

Use this NeuroBooster when you come home from work. Before you get out of the car you listen to this 6:44 sec audio track. It shows you how to let go of the stress of the day. Then it gets you to re-experience the feeling you got the first time you fell in love with your significant other.

Now when you walk into the house you will be more loving and connected. Everyone in the family will feel it.

Bonus 3
Sleep Like A Baby

One in four Americans develops insomnia each year. One of the reasons for this worry. Fretting about what happened to us today. What we should have done or not done.

Use this NeuroBooster just before you go to bed to get a good night's sleep. This beautiful meditation was inspired by Huna a spiritual practice used by the Hawaiian people.

This NeuroBooster audio track allows you to make peace with all of the important interactions you had with people today. 

This allows you to fall asleep and stay asleep more easily because you get to examine and resolve any open issues of the day.

About The Course Teacher,
Umar Hameed

Umar is one of the worlds leading experts on changing human behavior. He has spoken at conferences in 14 countries because leaders around the world want to know how to get their people to perform at a higher level. Umar has written several books on how to change behavior and has lectured at universities on three continents. 

Umar's purpose in life is to help people break through their limitations so they become better, stronger, and faster. This course allows Umar to fulfill his purpose by helping more people become awesomer.

Here’s what people are saying about the Umar

Rachel Krall


Umar has an incredible ability to help you become awesomer!

Umar helped me unlock my inner ninja! Umar has an incredible ability to help you discover what's truly preventing you from becoming your best self. This course is hands-down the best money you can spend on corporate training. You WILL see immediate results!  

Noah Berk

Co-Founder at obo Agency

Umar's mind hacks motivate your team to become even better versions of themselves.

My team loved the course, the tips/tricks Umar shared are powerful ways to help motivate your team to become even better versions of themselves.

Mark Jankowski

President of Amplified Learning

Umar is simply incredible!

Umar is simply incredible. I was really suffering through a complete blockage and through a single exercise, he was able to unlock everything. It was truly incredible. His insight and the unique approaches he uses with NLP and other tools makes him insanely effective,

Align Your Thoughts And Actions

Every once in a long while we show up for a challenging situation, as our best selves. Our best self is more powerful, more certain, and driven to succeed. The task at hand gets done effortlessly and the results are spectacular. This proves we are capable of so much more than we think.

The question becomes, why can't this awesomer version of me show up in life all the time. Just imagine what your life would be like if you tackled every challenge as your best self. The win-loss board would look very different. With each win, your self-image and confidence would improve.

For a moment think of all the times you took on challenges in the past where the best version of you did not show up. Those challenges could have been important conversations, business deals, going for a promotion, in a clutch situation on the golf course. No matter what it was not having your best self show up cost you. Would it be fair to say you have dozens maybe even hundreds of these failures that should have been wins?

When you know you could have done better and you fail it gets you to doubt yourself. Do that often enough and it becomes a pattern. A self-fulfilling prophecy that injures your self-esteem and confidence. After a while, you just learn to live a life of complacency.

When you think of all those past failures that could have been big wins if only your best self would have shown up. It hurts, right?

How much happiness has this cost you? How much money has this cost you? Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars? Only you can answer these questions?

This course lets you decide how you show up in life. I know this course will help you take charge of your mindset so you have more happiness, more success, more tenacity in your life. This course changes the way you show up in the world.

How much is this course worth to you? $5,000? $10,000? Whatever number you have in your head right now is pretty large, right? Do yourself a favor and sign-up for this course. If it doesn't deliver you've got a 30-day money-back guarantee.

success mindset course

Build a winning mindset so you accomplish more



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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

At this point, you may be thinking is this course the missing element that I've been looking for? Is this the course that will allow me to reach my goals? If it gives me the tools I need to build a winning mindset then its worth every penny. But what if it isn't quite right for me.

I am giving you a 30-day money-back guarantee to tale the risk out of the decision. The real risk isn't the money it's finding out years later that this course would have helped you become successful much sooner. Stop struggling and start winning.

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Jarrett Fleagle


This course builds a foundation of confidence in my own abilities.

The REAL magic of working with Umar is in the techniques and approaches he brings help you master your mindset while overcoming obstacles within yourself.

The fact is... You can learn all the strategies and tactics in the world from anyone. But Umar brings something to the table that allows you to reach your potential.

I highly recommend anyone looking to take their game to the next level give Umar a call and see if he can't unlock your true potential.

Keri Shull


This course will help you accomplish everything you want in life!

Umar has a way of using stories to create meaningful thoughts and ultimately shifts in thinking that are life-changing.

If you are looking to improve your abilities to sell, lead, or create clarity around your purpose to help you create a more meaningful and rewarding life - Umar can help you.

Cara Tavaglione

Regional Vice President

Umar makes learning fun!

Highly recommended. I've been through 100 different "Tony Robbins" type training's and Umar definitely stands out from those! Smart, personable and genuinely cares about getting you results from his training.

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success mindset course

Build a winning mindset so you accomplish more



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules

Personal note

Over 20 years ago I uncovered my purpose in life. It's to be a joyful educator that helps people break through their barriers so they become awesomer. This course comes from the heart. It helps me fulfill my purpose by empowering you to take charge of your mindset.

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