This Mindset Booster gives you the mindset to effortlessly handle any objections that a client sends your way. Each objection makes you stronger and puts you into the flow state until you get a yes.


Disappointment and failure is part of the sales game. The question is if you lose a large opportunity how quickly can you bounce back. For some salespeople, it could sidetrack them for an afternoon or for the rest of the quarter. This Mindset Booster gets you to bounce back in minutes.


Plan The Week (7:02 sec)

Use this Mindset Booster to make your upcoming week an exceptional one. Listen to this on Sunday evening and let the awesome power of your unconscious mind design a highly productive week.


Successful Meeting (6:30 sec)

If you have a really important meeting coming up that you need to be at your very best listen to this Mindset Booster. It will increase your confidence while simultaneously reducing your stress level.


Fearless Cold Calling (6:06 sec)

This Mindset Booster uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to take the anxiety and stress out of cold calling. You will be able to make calls in a more powerful and relaxed manner.


Asking For Referrals (7:00 sec)

Asking for referrals can be challenging for many salespeople. This Mindset Booster makes asking effortless and allows you to do it masterfully. Remember warm leads lead to big sales.


Asking For The Sale (5:59 sec)

Research shows that way too many salespeople make a sales presentation without asking for the sale. This Mindset Booster will remedy that. It allows you to confidently ask for the sale every time.


Rejection Proof (7:00 sec)

Imagine the impact on your career if you were rejection-proof. This powerful Mindset Booster will make you bulletproof when it comes to sales. Listen to this track before you walk into a sales situation whether it's on the phone, video conferencing, or in-person


They Are Too Important (9:30 sec)

If you are a great salesperson when it comes to regular accounts but freeze up when the client is a whale this Mindset Booster is for you. This Mindset Booster will make you comfortable and confident regardless of the prestige of the client. Listen to this and go close business.


Getting Past Disappointment (8:34 sec)

In sales, there are more failures than wins. Losing a huge deal can be debilitating. This Mindset Booster will get you over the disappointment in minutes so you can get back on the hunt for new business.


Challenging Conversations (7:30 sec)

Confrontation is uncomfortable but incredibly useful for moving things along. It is only natural that many people put off challenging conversations as long as possible. This Mindset Booster is a game-changer because it lets you have these types of communications without the distress.


Getting Past No (6:30 sec)

Become the master of turning NOs into opportunities to close the deal without feeling any anxiety or discomfort. This NeuroBooster empowers you to see Nos as a game that you can win. The more NOs you get the more resourceful you get.