2X Your  Sales With Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching improves your performance in sales, leadership, and life. Have you wondered what separates Great salespeople from average salespeople? It's mindset. Mindset coaching is the fastest way to transform average salespeople into top performers.

Hi, I am Umar

I am an expert in mindset coaching for sales reps and teams. I help leaders break through their limitations so they build happier, more successful lives. My mindset coaching will help you double your sales this year!

What Clients Are Say...

Amanda Coleman


Umar has a wonderful business in which he drills down to the root of what causes FEAR within your sales people so that they can over come it on the sales floor! We used him for our 4th quarter sales training and it was very effective. I would recommend him to any business!

Paul Misner

Sales Leader

If you are feeling you or your team has plateaued, and you're not reaching your maximum potential, you should have No Limits Selling on your speed dial. Don't even read the rest of this review, call now.

Rachel Krall


Umar helped me unlock my inner ninja! Hands-down the best money you can spend on corporate training. You WILL see immediate results!

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Unleash Your Crazy Sexy Brain!

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Your mindset determines how well you do in sales, leadership, and life. This book gives you a step-by-step guide to take charge of your mindset to remove fear and anxiety, so you show up more powerfully in life. You'll be able to switch on UNSTOPABILTY so you can go after bigger deals and win them!

Ready To Build A Stronger Mindset So 

You Increase Your Sales Performance?

Increase Your Sales Performance with My Mindset Coaching. We blend cutting-edge science with ancient practices to show you how to unleash your full potential. Our clients sell more, are happier and enjoy more success in life.

On the science side of our mindset coaching, you'll learn how to use Applied Neuroscience and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) to eliminate anxiety, supercharge your drive, passion, and grit. This is the fastest way to build a better mindset and accelerate your sales success.

On the ancient practices side, you'll learn how to align your mind, body, and spirit so you show up more powerfully in life. This allows you to easily go after bigger goals and attain them. More importantly, our mindset coaching results in a more successful sales career and happier more fulfilling life.

Three Ways We Can Help You Build A Kick-Ass Amazing Life

Mindset Coaching

On this 1-on-1 experience, you will learn how to remove the mental blocks that have been holding you back. And tap into the incredible power of your mindset to increase your sales and build a happier, more successful life. more

Mindset Makeover

In this 60 day program, you'll learn powerful techniques from NLP and Applied Neuroscience to supercharge your mindset. Your happiness and performance will increase each week, transforming every area of your life. Ready to be awesomer? more

Keynotes Speeches

Umar has done keynotes in 16 countries. His is highly entertaining and delivers new insights so you can unleash your full potential. Ready to build a stronger mindset and boost your sales performance?  more


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