April 13

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The world sees you as YOU see yourself!!

Have you ever felt when you treat yourself well, others follow suit? When you feel good about yourself, you appear more confident and worthy of respect. Your strengths are reflected by you and you don't feel vulnerable to the opinions of others. You feel happy in your skin and that's the power of high self-esteem.

Folks have agreed that self-esteem is critically important. It is believed to be a determining factor of how well one does in his/her life. 

Traditionally, to boost our self-esteem many of us relied on external sources like Motivational speakers or gurus who would remind us to stay positive. We would  depend on others to make us feel good about ourselves. But this kind of self-esteem is not only conditional but also short-lived .

So, today we introduce you to 3 simple yet extremely effective techniques that help you boost your self-esteem internally.  

Here are 3 tips to boost your self-esteem:

  • Identify and Challenge Your Negative Beliefs
  • Use Neuro-linguistic programming to reset your mindset.
  • Become more assertive and learn to say NO

1. To raise self-esteem: Identify and Challenge Your Negative Beliefs

Negative thinking can be very harmful for our self-esteem. When these thoughts start building up, they can often lead to anxiety or depression. So it's very important that we mindfully observe our thought patterns and challenge our negative beliefs.


The most effective way to challenge negative thoughts is to start Journaling. Write things down. I personally use Day one to note how many times I called myself IDIOT OR STUPID. It helps to challenge my negative thoughts and have a better self-esteem.

Tell us in the comments section below 👇what medium do you use to write your thoughts?

2. Use Neuro-linguistic programming to reset your mindset:

Neuro-linguistic programming is a modern and highly effective tool to reprogram your brain and change your mindset. Many of my clients have had tremendous success to boost their confidence and self-esteem using this tool.

Here I am giving the link to one of my videos where I show you How to boost your self-esteem :

3. Become more assertive and learn to say NO

Start asking for things and start saying NO when you feel like it. You need to take care of yourself first and then any other comes in line

One trick to be more assertive and say what you feel is to just start with something small. Maybe Say No to your brother who is asking you to make coffee. Gradually, it will raise your self-esteem and self confidence.

Just to remind you. World treats you the way you treat yourself. So it's time you learn and work on treating yourself better.

Sending you my support and encouragement 👊

See you next time.

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