July 20

Umar Hameed


Generating leads is the ultimate goal of any real estate agent. Here we discuss 100 unique ideas that will help realtors to generate leads even when they are not on the phone.

1. Learn How to Prospect on LinkedIn

If you want to get better leads this year, then learning how to prospect on LinkedIn will help. It puts you in front of professionals when and where they actually expect to talk business instead of where they go to relax.

2. Buy Exclusive Seller Leads From Market Leader

Market Leader owns one of the largest and best home valuation sites online: housevalues.com. Homeowners use the site to check the value of properties they’re interested in selling. Market Leader then sends those exclusive leads out to agents who claim their ZIP code. This is one of the best ways to generate seller leads at the beginning of their buyer journey before other agents have a chance to pitch them.

3. Work Divorce Leads

If you’ve got reserves of patience and empathy, then working divorce leads might be the perfect lead generation strategy to close a few more deals this year. There’s even a designation—RCS-D (Real Estate Collaboration Specialist – Divorce)—that you can get to show potential divorce clients that you know your stuff and mean business.

If you want to get and close more leads, sometimes it can help to think outside the box. Do you want genuinely motivated leads? How about leads that have a court order to sell their home? How about leads who really, really, really want to move?

4. Use BoldLeads’ New Platform to Generate Exclusive Buyer & Seller Leads

As far as underrated real estate lead generation goes, BoldLeads’ advanced new platform is hiding in plain sight. Gone are the days of merely handing out leads. Today, BoldLeads offers a cutting-edge platform that generates exclusive buyer and seller leads, advanced targeting, marketing, nurturing tools, and expert training to help you close more of the leads you get.

BoldLeads’ platform is so powerful that they now offer agents 5x the return on investment (ROI) of direct mail. 

5. Build a Brand That Generates Leads While You Sleep

In order to generate leads while you sleep—you need to build a compelling and memorable personal brand. A personal brand is not just what people say about you when you’re not in the room; it’s how to get people to talk about you when you’re nowhere near that room!

Your personal brand will generate compound interest on your investments and, over time, the daily deposits you make into your brand turn into a massive lead generation machine that gets prospective leads coming to you, even when you’re sleeping.

6. Use Slydial Broadcast to Circle Prospect Just Sold & Open Houses

If you want to become the real estate agent in a neighborhood, you’re going to have to get in front of the neighbors as often as possible. Circle prospecting is one of the best ways to stake out your claim in your farm area. 

The only problem is that some neighborhoods are already blanketed with door hangers, flyers, and postcards from your competition. With a little creativity, you can beat the competition to the chase before they get their flyers printed.

Working with real estate coach Tom Ferry, Tampa Bay Realtor Christina Griffin came up with an ingenious strategy to reach homeowners in her farm area.

She bought lists of homeowners’ cell numbers, then, after cross-checking with the DNC, used a clever app called Slydial Broadcast to leave them all voicemails advertising her next open house automatically.

The response was immediate and massive. She got 200 leads on her first day.

7. Learn to Scale Your Lead Generation With a Smart CRM

Most people think getting started is the hardest thing to do in real estate. But most people have never tried to scale a successful real estate business. Trust me, it’s much, much harder. I should know. Ten years ago, I scaled a brokerage to 100 people, but it didn’t last. The problem was that there were only so many hours in a day, and our leads and clients needed us ASAP, 24/7. Mere mortals couldn’t keep up … then the recession hit.

Luckily, now it’s 2022, so we have apps like Zurple that use patent-pending software to analyze a lead’s behavior to figure out when they’re ready to transact, BEFORE they’re ready to transact. Even better, they generate those leads for you so you can actually focus on closing. It’s the software I wish I had 10 years ago.

8. Pick Up the Phone & Make Outbound Phone Calls Without Even Using Slydial

Calls to whom? The contacts in your phone. The people you actually know. Statistics show that an estimated one-third of the public does something related to real estate annually―renovations, updates, repairs, refinancing, buying, or selling―and savvy realtors are there for all of those steps in the work of being the trusted realtor adviser over time.

Costs nothing. How to make it happen? Set a doable goal of one call per day. It will get done—and once you do one, you’re likely to make two.

9. Send Sales Letters to Absentee Owners

Good old-fashioned sales letters. There’s a difference between direct mail and drip mail. Most of the time in real estate, we call drip mail ‘direct mail.’ For instance, sending postcards twice a month to a geographic farm isn’t direct mail—despite calling it that—because it usually isn’t angling for a ‘direct response.’

On the contrary, it’s more about creating top-of-mind awareness and branding. Direct mail has more to do with organizing a vetted and scrubbed list of ideal recipients and then delivering a calibrated letter—or a few letters in a row—that are designed to get the recipients to take action within a relatively short time frame. Sending sales letters to absentee owners is an excellent way to do it.

10. Use Predictive Analytics to Get Leads & Farm Your Local Area

Predictive analytics has been waiting in the wings of real estate marketing for a couple of years now, but it stormed the stage and grabbed the spotlight with the emergence of SmartZip. SmartZip uses artificial intelligence (AI) to parse hundreds of data points from across the internet and from your local MLS to determine which property owners in your targeted geographic area are most likely to sell this year.

That means rather than trying to market to an entire community, you can focus only on property owners who are most likely to sell and ensure you’re the first real estate agent they talk to. Lock down your territory with SmartZip here.

11. Meet Your Top 50 Contacts in Person Once per Quarter

Lead generation is about personal connection. At our office, we have created our ‘Top 50′ program, where we designate the top people in our network who have the greatest potential to bring in one piece of business. From there, we look to meet with our contacts once a quarter face-to-face to learn more about their lives and develop a deeper relationship with them. We also host exclusive parties and events, which we invite our ‘Top 50’ to, including movie nights, parties, and so on. Leveraging your network is a great way to generate leads and in order to get those, you need to build strong personal relationships with them.

12. Build Local Connections That Lead to the Best Referrals

Any experienced agent will tell you that referrals are the best source of new leads. The only problem is that referrals can be hard to come by, especially for newer agents. That’s where Parkbench comes in.

Parkbench offers agents a way to generate referrals from local business owners and influencers. They build you a hyper-local website and offer expert training to help you use it to generate the referrals that lead to deals and MORE referrals.

The best part? Parkbench only allows a limited number of agents per local area.

13. Sign Up to Do BPOs, Then Market to the Owners of Distressed Homes

When a borrower starts to miss payments on a mortgage, a lender or loan servicer will often order a ‘broker price opinion’ (BPO) on a property in case they end up having to foreclose, do a loan modification, or short sale. They may do this before it is reported as a late payment to a credit agency, and well before they file a notice of default. This is an early indicator of a homeowner who may need to sell sooner rather than later.

14. Host a First-time Buyer’s Seminar

Even though the information is freely available online, many new buyers still have questions about buying a home … lots and lots of questions. Offering them a low-pressure space to get their questions about buying answered can be a great way to generate some leads.

The trick is to choose five or so common questions to answer in your seminar, and then include a few more not-so-common questions you can use in your marketing to draw people in. For example, you can talk about how to find hidden listing inventory or buy foreclosure listings to get people through the door.

15. Pitch Your Listing (or Expertise) to News Outlets

Most people do not think about pitching their listings to news outlets, but it has surprisingly proven to be one of the best strategies for getting a lot of leads extremely quickly. One of my listings was featured in a New York Times article last week, and I have been receiving at least five calls a day since publication—I had three showings just today. It’s amazing to see the response you get when backed by a reputable publication. Not only can I sell a property extremely quickly through the publicity, but I gain a lot of new clients for other listings as well. The response from media coverage has blown me away every time.

16. Connect With Pet-loving Leads by Sponsoring a Local Adoption Event

A great opportunity is to approach local animal shelters or rescue groups and offer to sponsor an adoption event. You give them money to pay for renting a space, tables, and canopy shelters, maybe hire food trucks to be there, do advertising for them, and then show up and work the event. People love their pets—most people consider them members of the family.

Being of service and finding a home for those abandoned pets is critical work and usually appreciated, plus you get to talk to people. Pet lovers bond with other pet lovers. ‘Creating home for you and your pets’ or ‘Finding homes for you and your pets’ or something like that. But you have to be a pet lover yourself.

17. Use Deep Insight From Zillow My Agent to Convert More Leads

Did you know that even after a buyer contacts an agent, they go back to Zillow an average of 27 times and look at 77 more listing pages in 30 days? That means that even if you answered your phone right away and wowed them, there’s still a huge chance they’ll wind up working with someone else. Even worse, you’ll never even know it. They’ll just stop returning your calls.

So if you want to 3x your lead conversion, then Zillow Premier Agent’s new feature, My Agent, is for you. It puts only your contact information on every single listing your lead looks at after they contact you.

Even better, My Agent provides agents with deep insight on which properties they’re viewing, saving, and searching for on Zillow.

18. Master Cold Calling

While your competition is sitting back waiting for leads to roll in from Instagram or Pinterest, take the bold route and pick up the phone.

Sure, it’s a little intimidating to get hung up on, but there is no better way to build the thick skin you’ll need to become a top-producing real estate agent.

19. Drive More Engagement With Instagram Stories

Like every other social media platform, Instagram has been pushing users to create more videos. Why? They want to keep creators creating on their platform, and they want to keep their followers engaged. Video is the best way to do that.

Of course, creating engagement with Instagram Stories isn’t easy and doesn’t come naturally for many older agents. If you want to learn the ropes, check out Eric Simon’s (aka The Broke Agent) excellent article below. Eric built his Instagram account to 350,000 followers using these same lead generation strategies.

20. Hand Out Free Seasonal Treats With Your Business Card

One suggestion I offered my newer agents was to go to the mall or shopping center during the holiday shopping season and hand out business cards attached to a candy cane to everyone walking by. No need to wait in line to see Santa to get a candy cane. Spread a little Christmas cheer with the candy canes and, hopefully, pick up a new client or two for the new year. Everyone loves a candy cane at Christmas.

One other suggestion I had was to print water bottle labels, go to the shopping areas where the crowds line up waiting for the big Black Friday sales events, and pass out water bottles with your brand—business card—on them to the crowds waiting in line.

21. Get More Leads With Plug & Play Facebook & Instagram Ads

The problem with diving headfirst into Facebook advertising is that the mistakes you make will cost you more than just time and money. Missing out on the best online leads will slow your career growth whether you’re a brand new agent or have years of experience.

Luckily, there’s a new startup that lets you easily target and capture the best leads online without making the mistakes that keep your career from growing. AgentGo is a new Facebook & Instagram advertising platform that simplifies the process of choosing an audience and creating ads. They offer proven plug & play ad templates from industry leaders so you can start generating leads right away. Best of all, you can get access to AgentGo’s platform with a 14-day free trial. 

22. Use Seasonal Leave-behinds

Far and away, our two best unique leave-behinds are when we had place an American flag on each lawn just prior to the Fourth of July and when we place a pumpkin on each doorstep around Halloween. The response is incredible and the connection to the community is even better. In fact, over the years, the neighbors have come to expect it and often refer to us as ‘The Pumpkin Guys’ or ‘The Flag Guys.’

23. Make a Plan & Work the Holidays

Since most of your fellow agents will head for the hills during the holidays, staying in the office can mean easy real estate lead generation. Here are a few tips from Los Angeles’ Acme Realty founder Courtney Poulos on generating leads during the holidays.

My advice to newer agents who are looking to work through the holidays would be to use the fact that you are present and available during the holiday season as the dominant messaging in your marketing. If you have listings that you are going to be showing during the holidays, have holiday-themed events, such as a holiday-themed broker’s open with spiced cider, or at your Sunday open house, have a jazz musician playing holiday music. You can also take new pictures of the property with some holiday decorations to use in your social media posts.

24. Build an IDX WordPress Website to Capture Leads

While the current breed of real estate lead generation websites are great, you never actually own one. Instead, you pay a monthly fee and your site goes poof and vanishes if you stop paying. That’s why building your own IDX website with WordPress is an investment that is well worth trying this year.

Building a website with WordPress that actually generates leads isn’t easy, but as they say, the best time to plant a tree was five years ago but the second best time is now. You can get started building your site using our ultimate guide here: How to Build an IDX Real Estate Website: The Ultimate Guide 2021.

25. Pitch Older Expired Listings

I don’t just reach out to listings that are newly expired like everyone does, but I dig deeper and pay special attention to the ones that expired a year or more ago that never relisted. I figure that at some point these potential clients wanted to sell, so why not reach out to them to see what their plans are, how they may have changed, and how I could help them meet their objective. If their plan is to sell sometime in the future, I offer to assist them with a strategy so they’re ready to hit the ground running when the timing is perfect.

26. Become a ‘Coffee House Consultant’

Since you’re going to spend a ton of time in coffee shops anyway, why not advertise your services for free? Justin Potier of Carrington Real Estate Services had an agent who set up their laptop to work, then put up a little sign that said “Free real estate advice.”

27. Network at More Non-Real Estate-related Events

If you’re going to events where everyone else is just like you, your odds of meeting quality leads are slim to none.

Instead of going to the same old real estate mixers or networking events, think outside the box and join some non-real estate-related local events. Your next client can be found at a community yoga workshop, a sip-and-paint night, a book reading, or even at a concert.

Just be careful of trying to ‘sell’ to people you meet. Instead, go to an event you’ll truly enjoy, engage in the flow of conversation, and when you get the ‘what do you do?’ question, give them an answer that truly makes your real estate services shine. Even if you don’t get any new leads, you’ll spend time doing things you love. How can you go wrong?

28. Try Ranking Articles on Google for Luxury or Historic Listings

Too many people believe that the time has passed to rank organically on Google successfully—specifically targeting ranking opinion articles for individual property addresses and then providing ‘the rest of the story’ so the potential buyers can read your opinions of the property’s strengths and weaknesses. This works extremely well with very high-end or historic properties. The buyer gets to hear your tone and gets a feel for your personality as well as some honest insight about the property they’re considering buying.

29. Get Some Fresh Air: Start Door Knocking

While everyone else in your office is busy with the latest social media fad (TikTok, anyone?), why not head out into the fresh air and fill your customer relationship manager (CRM) the old-fashioned way? Go knock on some doors! It’s actually a lot easier than you might think, and is also a fantastic way to hone your elevator pitch and actually flex your sales muscles.

30. Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce

If you join your local chamber of commerce, you can get your name and business listed in newsletters and websites and get referrals and make valuable connections who are well established in your area.

You can become members of the town and county chambers that your office is in, as well as nearby areas or counties that you serve or have offices in. Similarly, you can look into becoming a member of a destination marketing organization (DMO) or convention and visitors bureau (CVB). Sometimes these are the same as the Chamber and other times they are a separate entity.

31. Help Your Buyers Find an Investment, Not Just a Home

I have found through the years that agents do not have enough knowledge of how to guide their clients through real estate investing from their primary residence. I work with business managers and accountants to share business and guide our clients together to gain wealth through real estate.

Most people think you buy a house and live in it, sell it, and buy another one, but what if they kept that first house and bought another one, and gained passive income from the first? I have clients for life because they trust I’m guiding them on the right path of when and what to sell based on their needs and income desires in the future.

32. Schedule Outreach With Your Sphere Every Day

In my opinion, the best underrated lead generating technique is accessing and utilizing your current network. After all, unlike cold internet leads, these are people who probably already know and trust you. So, carve out time every day to reach out to your sphere and just ask for business. Lead generation doesn’t get much simpler or more effective than this.

33. Become a Reliable Source of Real Estate Expertise in Facebook Groups

You don’t need to create one, but get involved. For example, create a survey to find out ‘What’s stopping you from buying a home?’ and then engage people individually in a very casual manner. The key is coming up with creative content that makes people want to participate, remaining consistent, and measuring the results. I see too many agents who let these things go if they don’t see immediate results or start getting busy.

34. Create an Avatar of Your Ideal Client & Then Target Them on Social Media

Create an ‘avatar’ of your ideal client—their income, interests, personality, age, family size, and hobbies. Then, post a steady stream of videos and blogs on all social media outlets—all about those things. If they are active, start running and biking, and posting updates on your activities. If they have school-age children, attend school sporting events, concerts, and plays, and post about them.

Restaurants, wine enthusiasts, religious events, sporting events, hiking, swimming, and charitable causes—identify your ideal client, then post yourself being involved in the things they do.

35. Reward Your Referral Sources With a Handwritten Note & Gift Card

Even if they already love you, everyone loves getting presents, even small ones. That’s why Coldwell Banker agent Heidi Sutter’s system of rewarding referral sources helps keep a steady stream of referrals in her inbox:

For me, one of the best lead generating tools has been to reward my referrals with a handwritten note and gift card. Doing so has been key for my business and proven to be one of the best ways to connect with clients, friends, and family who are kind enough to refer my services. Here’s my formula:

  • $5 gift card and thank-you note at introduction to the referral
  • $10 gift card for gas, along with a handwritten note thanking them for the referral again and providing a quick update on the progress, once buyer or seller signs a contract or lists
  • Hand-delivered $50 gift card to a local restaurant once the client closes

This helps make and maintain a personal connection.

36. Calling people on their special occasions

One of the best ways to stay connected with people is to call them. It makes you relevant in their lives. Their fondness for you grows. People appreciate when you take out time for them. Sharing happy moments with people makes the bond stronger.

37. Work on a new niche

Not generating enough leads may mean that you are not working for the right niche. Stepping out of your comfort zone is important. But it's important to identify what function can actually help you make money. Look out for the trendy real estate niches that can grow your sales.

38. Growing Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

Facebook is the widely used social media platform specially to promote business. Facebook ads help find target audience by using visually attractive advertisements. Realtors find Facebook lead Ads to be a significant strategy to gain leads. It’s a cost- effective method. Users just share their email address and submit their information.

Facebook ads also let you submit the form without leaving the platform, which is great. These ads up your CRM practices and transmit your incoming leads.

39. Growing Google Ads

By using ads on Google, you can advertise your business on search engines and networks. It helps in generating leads directly from mobile search results. To attract users directly towards a call to action, Google Forms are also valuable.

The basic method of this is a form attached to the Google account data. Then you can manage leads from Google ads and integrate them with the Email software.

40. Growing LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the most professional platform which helps in connecting with a larger and more focused audience. Generating ads on LinkedIn allows a convenient method for not directing users away from the page.

Your profile on LinkedIn must be in alignment with your present goals. It should be updated and relevant. Joining relevant groups and relevant engagement can help grow leads.

41. Real Estate Agents on TikTok

TikTok does not only cater to the youth but is another fun and engaging platform for all people. Realtors can, too, find their potential leads here. For this medium, videos are most useful. Good content videos draw attention and present you as a brand in front of the audience. Sometimes, ad campaigns can also be run on TikTok using efficient marketing tools.

42. Use of Local SEO

To aim for quality in content is a priority. For realtors, using localized SEO helps them get leads. SEO brings the business of search engines in a specific locality. This connects buyers and sellers together in a place. It should be made sure that the business is enough optimized through:

  • Creating a mobile friendly website
  • Using topics that are eye- catching
  • Using SEO optimized content words
  • Optimizing using ad campaigns

43. Establishing Real Estate Websites to generate leads

To connect agents with clients, websites are used. Well- crafted websites increase sales and leads. Getting healthy traffic means a good conversion to leads. Integrating these websites with marketing tools helps. Good content on websites pulls both the agents and clients towards them and lets them close the deals in better ways.

44. Creating Blogs and Articles to entice audience

There are many people out there in the world that love the idea of reading and have developed hobbies to read. It's to attract the interests of such people that written blogs and article pieces on relevant topics entice people to visit websites or official pages of the particular businesses. Blogs too drive traffic. Being involved in content writing is a widely used marketing strategy.

Blogs create promotional opportunities. It offers a display of different aspects of the business. This is especially helpful when SEO optimized content words are used to draw people.

45. Using Videos as a Marketing Tool

Perhaps the most popular medium to catch attention is a visually attractive video. Especially due to the use of social media, people are hooked on watching videos and the idea to put aesthetics that please the eyes. Videos are being consumed as a source of information increasingly. And so, using videos to reach out to more people is a good decision. Realtors have a variety of idea to make the videos around like:

  • Introductory videos
  • Live Streaming videos
  • Client testimonial videos
  • Trendy videos, and more.

46. Using online virtual tours of property

The dynamics of the world are changing today and every person leads a busy life. Making correct use of technology is a smart decision. That too for marketing purposes. Virtual tours rather than physical visits are growing these days. Its because it saves time, hassle and covers all details. Potential leads get a closer view of what they are being offered without any discomfort. And so, open house tours are becoming a popular, trendier idea.

47. Being part of Community pages

To fish for the clients, one must be surrounded in the pool of one. By joining community pages or real estate, you can increase your access to get the clients. Such pages aim to bring the agents and clients closer. Such pages also talk about social events that show interesting details of people living in specific localities.

For generating leads, it is important to first gather traffic. People use search engines and pages to find the agents in their locality.

48. Looking for Leads in Expired Listings

All the properties that could not be sold before their expiry dates are referred to as the expired listings. These lists allow sellers to work on these properties first.

There are two methods to find these lists:

  • Signing up to the Real Estate services pages that are time AND cost saving.
  • Searching for the Expired listings in the Multiple Listing Services

49. Targeting the visitors repeatedly

Reinforcing ourselves on our previous clients to stay relevant is another move. Tapping back to the visitors or potential clients is an effective lead generating tip. There are many software that allow storage of visitor’s information. Using this information, it is made possible to target them back. This allows an increase of traffic organically and has a greater rate of conversion.

50. Generating Leads using Referrals

A cost-effective method of generating leads is to get transactions from friends, previous clients or closer kith and ken. It’s the most reliable source as it involves trusted clients. This method depends on a good word- of – mouth that can only be spread via mutual people.

To build in referrals, it is important to maintain good rapport with clients. Staying engaged on social media platforms, and socializing with local business partners is also an important strategic step.

51. Optimizing Automated Text Messages

Automated text messages are found to have a stronger conversion rate than any other medium. This is because text messages do not take much time to be read or responded to. They give away a more informal and warm invitation. Also, these include complete information in a shorter length. Many websites today come with built-in SMS chat features.

52. Staying active through Live Stream videos

Convincing potential clients into leads via videos is more effective. Not just social media but different software also let you answer relevant answers to questions from websites. Having live chat software makes it easy for them to contact you; if you can chat with them directly, the chances of conversion increase significantly.

53. Using News outlets to promote your business

To get access to a larger audience, it’s a good idea to share your news or products with a reputable news outlet. This guarantees high quality leads on a daily basis. The reach of news outlets is so huge that turnover can be great.

54. Taking potential buyers through Open House visits

If not selling, this option allows you to attract potential buyers. It’s a good idea to use property management software to keep track of all your listings and open houses. On such occasions, priority should be given to getting information from the visitors. Successful open house events include publicity in the neighborhood. The event must be well promoted on social media as well.

55. Practice of Cold Calling

Contacting people who are not familiar with you in the same business is a common real estate practice. Studies show that out of a 100 only 13 are converted from a cold calling to an appointment. It continues to be the most used manner of generating leads from a larger audience. The method is also cost- effective using better applications for this.

56. Active participation in social events

Staying relevant and present in not just real estate meetings but other social events are also important. It gives away the impression of how connected you are to the community and shows the good side. It's one of the best places to expand your social circle. Prospects like knowing that you share a genuine interest in the humanitarian aspects. This makes you relatable and builds trust.

57. Working on Landing pages

Leads and potential clients all land up first and foremost, in the landing pages or official websites. It's so important for these pages to hold in concrete all the information that can help them stay attracted. Optimized landing pages on the website will allow you to capture the details of those who visited and to then easily convert them.

58. Using signage and banners

As traditional as it is, using front house banners and signs can also help. This method is used in areas with plenty of foot traffic. These signs allow you to advertise more effectively.

59. Using better applications for growing clients

All businesses opt for the most suitable software and application to grow their business. Growing businesses have growing requirements and demands to be met. This means using the most apt application. There are applications specialized for fields like Real Estate too.

60. Meeting with clients in person than online

It’s the era where digitalization has taken over the world. Yet it's better advised to meet the potential, stronger clients in person. Meeting physically with someone gives you a powerful conversation and influence on one another. Face to face meetings or being physically present in their events play a huge part in how they are remembered.

61. Highlighting your brand in niche markets

Unique ideas always stand out. When the strengths of our business are rightly advertised, we attract leads. Transparent information that focuses on the good points is important to be presented in the market.

62. Finding potential clients using Predictive Applications

There are many tools that analyze data from around the internet to predict which property owners are actively working. It's easier to then target these people particularly rather than a greater bunch of audience. This way using Predictive Application helps reach out to potential clients faster.

63. Home Tour Videos for leads

It’s a convenient method for clients to join online home tours. It's time saving and also saves money. Virtual home tours save the hassle by being there physically. It saves you from dealing with buyers who are just casually browsing. Many advanced tools allow for this feature as well. 

64. Using Podcasts for advertisements

Yet another form of attracting the audience is to use Podcasts which are listened to by thousands of people. Listening is always a good way of teaching or getting attention. Getting into the world of podcasts also increases the chances of you being heard and more people are reached out.

65. Using Emails for Marketing

The most professional method of connecting with a client is through email. Promoting new products, videos or content via emails is a good way to connect. A complete email has all the details and is directed at the subject mentioned.

66. Going Live on videos on social media

Staying active in front of followers is important. This way you stay relevant and in highlight. In situations where you are unable to attend any important social gathering, a live session on the issue can mark your presence.

67. Diverting traffic using SEO engines

The method of using SEO is useful to build access to greater masses and convert more leads. The advertising of brands is simultaneously done and more leads are directed towards real estate. Try to get links from sites that are related to your business and have good reputations.

68. Using Advertising websites like Craigslist

Advertising pages like Craigslist are a great place for listing posts. It may be time consuming but guarantees potential leads. When the lists are made carefully on Craigslist, the result can be faster and qualitative. 

69. Join a paid leads program

Use paid leads programs like Zillow’s Premier Agent. With these programs, you pay a certain amount each month for a percentage of leads in your market. This strategy will require investment but it will be worth it, especially if you already have a strong reputation.

70. Use Automated Text Messaging

Time is crucial for a real estate agent. So how can you generate leads in those moments when you’re busy with work?

Well, Automated text messaging services can help you just do that. Use text or voice messages to keep your leads engaged even when you're not on the phone. 

Those leads will appreciate receiving a fast response rather than having to wait to hear back from you. 

Check out Funnel flare to create text or voice message campaigns.

71. Engage with Local Businesses

Build relationships with local businesses in your area. When you know people in the neighborhood, you build credibility. They can also give you referrals, and you can return the favor to them. 

For example, when you have a clients who wants his kitchen done you can recommend him someone from the neighborhood. 

72. Host Events for First-Time Home Buyers in Your Community

Events for the community are always popular. Especially events for the first-time homebuyer market. This group is actively searching for guidance. You can arrange Q/A for those buyers. It will give you the understanding what your target is looking for, what are their pain points and also will help you to build a connection. 

73. Participate in Holidays gatherings 

Want to generate leads even in holidays? Keep interacting with your community, take part in events, celebrate with people and get to know your community better. For example, during the 4th of July you can give flags to people. 

74. Attend Networking events

Network! Network! and Network. Become a member of a homebuilder’s association and build a relationship with people in your business. It will help you remain updated about the markets and also you can provide each other with leads and advice. 

You can even host open houses within home communities if you don’t have any new listings of your own.

75. Attend Real Estate Investor Association Meetings

Real estate investors are usually an unnoticed source of leads that real estate agents don’t target. So if you want to generate more leads, attend real estate investor association meetings. You can find a great reference for leads and will be in touch with the community. 

76. Join Chamber of Commerce and get your name listed

Becoming a member of the local chamber of commerce will help you get your name listed on websites and local newspapers. This will increase brand awareness and will get you more leads. You can also get referrals and increase your credibility. 

77. Sponsor a welfare Event

One distinctive way to generate leads is by arranging welfare events. Like you can sponsor a pet adoption event for your community or have a climate change awareness event. You will get sponsors, help the community and also will increase your brand awareness and credibility. Your community members will appreciate you for helping to sponsor the event, and you’ll likely find some leads who are interested in working with you.

78. Target Divorce Leads

An uncanny way to generate leads  is to target divorce leads. Divorce couples are likely to be looking for a new property to buy or sell a property. You can even get a professional distinction to help boost your reputation among these leads. Try partnering up with divorce lawyers in your area to find these leads.

79. Target Owners of Distressed Homes

Another group you can target for new leads is owners of distressed homes. Usually, these homeowners end up needing to sell their homes, you can be right there to help them and offer free advice.

80. Network at Local Community Events

Be active in your community. Participating in community events is one of the best ways for realtors to connect, collaborate and generate leads. Join local bars or clubs where your target customers hang out. You might even. Join yoga classes or gym to connect with your ideal clients. In these local events or places, you will find someone who needs a real estate-related service.

Btw, try not to come across as sales. Instead, just help them and let the conversation naturally flow. 

81. Get Your Listings picked up in Local News Media

Use Public relations to get your listings published in local newspapers or community websites. Using local media can quickly draw in many interesting leads. So take advantage of large followings of local media. 

82. Go After Older Expired Listings

Many agents focus only on new listings, but it can be good to go after expired listings. Specifically, older expired listings can get you some leads. If you follow up with them and see what they need now you may end up getting some business.   

83. Target For sale by owner niche

Focusing on houses which are listed by owners. Don't try to overwhelm them or impress them with your knowledge. Listen to them, see what they want and keep in contact. The moment you see they need your help or advice, describe to them how you're the best choice and how you can provide value.

84. Give Back to the Community

Participate in non-profit events. Volunteer, help out people and attend charity events. When you give back to the community, it will benefit your brand name and also you. Helping a community is the best way to build trust and credibility that will in turn generate business for you. 

85. Share content on Social Media

Share your content, update your audience about what they are doing, what is market like and build a bond. Have some contests like photography content or you know share your unique story. Keep your audience engaged and draw in more leads by offering them a chance to win a contest. 

86. Run Google or Facebook Ads

If you have a business account or a website, simply run Ads. Using keywords like “home for sale in “Ontario, Canada” can be a great way of generating high-quality, ready, willing, and potential buyers.

87. Use Quora for market research

Quora is a great platform to do market research. It's a platform where you can potentially discover a qualified lead. In addition, answering peoples’ questions with helpful advice and resources will increase brand awareness and help position you as an authority in the industry.

88. Make reels and TikTok videos

Nowadays, video is the answer so just sharing your house listings or real estate tips. Even going live can help you a lot. So making short reels and showing houses with music can help you generate leads. 

89. Have a YouTube Channel

As the second most popular search engine after Google, YouTube should be a key part of your real estate video marketing strategy. Having a presence can give you legitimacy and traffic. 

Create videos answering questions, giving advice, and provide overviews of the different neighborhoods in your area. Check out my full post on how to get started with YouTube for real estate agents.

90. Join Facebook and WhatsApp groups

Join Facebook groups and share your knowledge with people. Give them advice, help them and guide them. Doing these activities will give you a chance to demonstrate your real estate knowledge and act as an authority in the industry. You can answer peoples’ questions, create surveys, and provide resources and helpful content.

commenting and interacting with potential leads across social media is a great way to increase brand awareness and show people that you want to serve them.

91. Advertise on Instagram and Messenger

Instagram and Facebook Messenger isn’t typically the place where real estate agents advertising and generating leads. But these platforms are great source for generating responsive leads. Lead generation through Instagram and messenger advertisement is higher than emails.

92. Collaborate with influencers

Nowadays, influencers are an important part of promotion and advertising. Pay them some money or send them some gifts and ask them to share your profile and details with their followers. Focus on their market and see if their audience is your ideal clients. This will help you increase your reach and generate leads.

93. Cold Calling

Cold calling is the most successful lead generation strategy for a reason. When you call a person, you're making an effort and yes, an objection is a part of life. But before reaching out to people try to research them and know a bit better.

94. Door Knocking is still in fashion

Even though door-knocking is an old strategy it still generates leads for realtors. Fresher agents think that knocking on people's doors is a waste of time but you can use door knocking to look around the neighborhood and meet members of the community. 

And similar to cold calling, it’s a great way to hone your sales skills and elevator pitch. So even if you face rejection, you’ll still take away some valuable lessons.

95. Connects with your old Sphere of Influence

Host events or call your old friends. Try can help you get referrals and increase your reach. Try to do this regularly, at least once a month. Host holiday parties, crew lunches and group calls, keep in touch with your old people and maybe they will help you generate business.

96. Sponsor events and place your logos

Sponsor some small local events. Place your logos on a coffee cup or give free souvenirs to people. It will increase your brand awareness and help you generate leads. For Instance, you can hand out business cards attached to candy canes in the winter months. During the summer months, you can hand out free bottles of water.

97. Work During the Holidays

Through holiday theme parties in your open houses or just have some simple community events. Work during the holidays, network, talk to people. You see, People are always moving during holidays, which means they need estate to stay so, while your fellow agents take this time off, you can use it to your advantage to score new leads. 

98. Handout physical vouchers, flyers and business cards

Hand out leaflets, and flyers to spread brand awareness of your real estate business. Leave them on doors or just can't it to people on streets. Keep moving in the neighborhood and stay top of mind and discover potential customers. Make sure these marketing materials have your logo, branding, color scheme, and contact information.

99. Create Content around Historic places in Your Area

If your area has historic places or homes you can attract client's by creating informational blog posts or videos about those places. Post this content in your social media handles, write blogs and make videos around them. As a local, you can provide your audience with unique perspective and insight into your area and will generate organic traffic.

100. Have your niche defined and focus all your resources towards it

Niche down! Always narrow down your ideal client, their interests, and how they spend their time. Have a clear picture and use this image to target them both online and offline. Go to the places they like to go, bond with them and use your resources to convert them into your clients.

About the author 

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Umar Hameed is an expert in changing individual behavior and improving team dynamics. He uses techniques and tools from the world of Applied Neuroscience and NLP to make individuals and organizations more successful. His business savvy and neuroscience combination gives him the unique ability to help salespeople become exceptional. Umar is an international keynote speaker who has done presentations in 16 countries. ✅✅✅He is the author of three books; the latest is Unleash Your Crazy Sexy Brain!


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