unwanted behaviors


Step-by-step instructions

Step 1

In order to change an unwanted behavior, you need an empowering feeling to replace it. Think of a time you felt powerful, unstoppable, and loved, ...

Step 2

Go back to the memory of that power state and see what you saw back then. Hear what you heard back then. Notice you feel the feeling now.

Amp up the feeling by imagining a volume control that increases the feeling.

Step 3

Once you have the feeling at a maximum level, let the feeling flow from your body into the floor where you stand.

Step 4

Leave the feeling in the floor and take a step back.

Step 5

Go back to a memory where you did the unwanted behavior. See what you saw back then, hear what you heard back then. 

Notice where in your body you feel the "bad feeling". Let the feeling flow from your body into the floor.

Step 6

Step forward and pick up the "positive feeling" you left there in step 4. The feeling will come flooding back.

Step 7 

Take that empowered feeling, take a step forward, and see yourself in the future doing better behavior to get better results. 

Whenever you feel the negative behavior, it instantly invokes this powerful feeling automatically.

You've programmed your unconscious mind that this is what you want to have to happen. When your unconscious mind senses the old negative behavior, it fires up the positive feeling, so you get better results.  

That's it

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