negative past eventS


Step-by-step instructions

1. Think of a past event that haunts you

2. Where in your body you feel the negative emotions

3. Notice a picture pops-up in your mind that represents that event

  • Distance (how far the picture is from your face? 2 feet more, less?)
  • Size of picture (how big is the picture? 8.5" x 11", bigger, smaller, life size?)
  • Color or B/W
  • Still or video (is it a still picture or is it moving?)
  • Brightness (is it normal brightness, brighter than normal, dimmer?)
  • Focus (is it normal focus, sharp, or fuzzy?)
  • Is there a frame around the picture? Or is it frameless?

4. What is the lesson the universe is trying to teach you from this event? Once you uncover it ask your mind and heart to keep it where it store important information.

5. Adjust each attribute so the feelings go to zero. (for example, when you make the picture smaller does it reduce the feeling you are feeling in your body? If it does make the picture thumbnail size? If not, try making it bigger and see what that does. The main idea is to adjust the attributes of the picture so the feelings go to zero)

That's it

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