Success Mindset Workshop

Don’t leave 30% of your profits unrealized. Getting key employees and teams unstuck!

In a recent survey, more than 2,000 business leaders said dysfunctional teams and employees cost their organizations 30 to 40 percent in unrealized profits. We spend $100B/yr on change programs to remedy this situation with a 70% failure rate (Wharton School of Business).

For many leaders, the technology and business model are relatively easy to handle compared to the people stuff. Do you have key people in your organization that clearly could be delivering better results, but something has them stuck?

Do you have dysfunctional teams where politics, silos and selfishness get in the way of getting the job done in an effective manner? These types of behaviors are poison to your organization because they kill passion, cooperation, and profits.

Most HR departments and consultants fail to get individuals and teams to breakthrough their limitations because they cling to the notion that coaching, facilitation or training is the answer.

Telling people what to do and how to do it may temporarily change behavior, but people always reverts to the old ways unless you know the secret of permanent change.

The new frontier for business growth is mindset

Mindset is the number one determining factor in individual and team success.

Have you wondered what separates A-players from the B-players in an organization?

A-players are few in number and are insanely productive. B-players do a good job but never achieve greatness. The paradox is that most B players want to get better. Their managers spend a lot of time and money to help B players get better. But most B players never make the jump.

The difference between A-players and B-players in mindset

Imagine the impact on your organization if 20% of your B-players became A-players. It would be huge, right?

In this workshop, you will learn how to build a stronger mindset so your people and teams break through any mental barrier that stops you from being exceptional. When you get the people stuff right, your employees fully commit to each other and have a true sense of urgency to make the organization successful.

BOARD BREAK – in the final exercise of this workshop attendees break a 1”x10″x10″ board of wood with a karate chop as a physical manifestation of their new found break through abilities. Attendees get to take the broken board with them as a souvenir that reminds them that they can do anything they set their minds on.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Not leave 30% of your profits unrealized
  • Harness your crazy sexy brain
  • Overcome fear and reluctance
    Access peak states of performance
  • Quickly let go of past failures
  • Get unstuck
  • Build a stronger corporate culture

What people are saying



Umar I wanted to thank you for your seminar! You always talk about helping people achieve a breakthrough and I just did at your workshop on Wed Oct 19th. It was so profound, so real and especially liberating and empowering! I have a new refreshed energy that is allowing me to harness my focus and ability at the deepest level! Anyone who truly is interested in understanding the truth and exploding their business to the next level needs to meet with Umar. Thanks for your sincerity, passion and knowledge to help me take my business to another level!

Mike Weiner President