May 26

Jay Livingston on Words That Sell


Master publisher, copywriter and marketer JAY LIVINGSTON'S work has been featured in Monthly Copywriting Genius ... The Agora Companies' exclusive Big Black Book of billion-dollar marketing secrets (twice!) ... Great Leads by Mark Ford and Mike Palmer (two of Jay's primary mentors) ... and more. Jay has been nominated -- along with multiple of his former copy cubs -- for the coveted Ouzilly Award for Sterling Copy, the direct-response industry's most coveted copywriting prize, awarded approximately once per decade.

Since 2003, Jay Livingston has worked with the biggest direct-response publishers in America ... including a 17-year stint building copywriting, marketing and publishing teams for $1.7 billion industry giant Agora. His promotions have generated more than $77 million (and counting) and helped clients to acquired hundreds of thousands of new, PAYING customers. He's spoken at marketing and financial conferences around the world, and currently lives in the great state of Maryland.

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