Episode 003 Harel Turkel, CEO, SOS Technology Group | No Limits Selling - NLP Sales Training - Baltimore

Harel is the CEO and CSO of SOS Technology Group. Harel loves to sell (born salesperson). He started his career while in high school with a car detailing business with his friends. The lessons he learned there still serve him well today.

Harel Trukel

Highlights from this podcast

1. The 2008 recession killed our business diversifying our offerings and client base brought as back stronger than ever.
2. If you have a great product and a prospect that has a need. Never give up!
3. You have to craft the customer experience so clients never leave
4. You truly have to believe you have the best solution, even if you don’t. This level of confidence closes sales.
5. We get referrals by asking our customers who they love doing business with. And asking for introductions.

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