Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) enhances your selling skills

Your mindset determines how successful youll be in sales, leadership and life. Learn how to use NLP to build a stronger mindset, become bolder and significantly improve your sales performance.


Psychology Today Magazine:

NLP is the most powerful technology for change in existence.

Our Agenda

7:30am – 8am Breakfast and networking
8am – 9:30am Presentation by Umar Hameed
9:30am – 10am Networking

On any sales team, people belong to one of three groups: A-players generate lots of sales; B-players do a good job but never reach greatness; and C-players just take up space.

In America, we spend $8 billion in sales training. Most of it goes to B-players, in an effort to improve their performance levels and transform them into A-players. However, sales training usually fails because success is a mindset issue, not a sales-skills issue,

Mindset is the new frontier

During this presentation, youll learn to:

1. Understand what really drives human behavior
2. Change unwanted behaviors
3. Become unstoppable
4. Rebound faster after challenges
5. Use NeuroGoal setting to supercharge your mindset
6. Use Mindreading 101 to influence the thinking of your customers