Episode 022 Barry Andruschak, National Sales Director at Primerica | No Limits Selling - NLP Sales Training - Baltimore

“Barry was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. He has a diploma of Aviation Technology from Selkirk College. After 3 years of trying to make a living as a pilot, he was introduced to the A.L. Williams Corporation, now called Primerica, in 1985. He became Primerica Canada’s first Regional Vice President independent sales agent in 1986. He currently holds the title of National Sales Director and lives with his family in Victoria, BC.

He wrote, “Prospecting and Setting Appointments Made Easy” (available on Amazon) mainly to help introverted salespeople get better results when contacting people for appointments. All proceeds from book sales go to Kidsport to help children play a sport they may not otherwise be able to afford.”


Podcast Highlights

  • Your beliefs drive performance
  • There are 4 types of markets
  • Focus on Analytics to be successful

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