Episode 010 Fred Diamond, Co-founder, Institute for Excellence in Sales shares the 3 questions that lead to success | No Limits Selling - NLP Sales Training - Baltimore

Fred Diamond is the co-founder and executive director at The Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES). TheIES strives to help sales professionals and leaders — no matter where they are in their careers — with world-class education and tools to increase their success. Service professionals get the tools they need to gain skills in the art and science of selling and generating revenues. The IES is the sales executive’s primary authority and resource for training, programs, and services. Sales professionals also benefit from an active community to build their networks to grow their careers and sales.



  • Sell more by helping your customers achieve their business goals
  • Successful salespeople treat sales as a profession and are continually learning
  • Great sales leaders give their salespeople space to do their work and coach them to do better
  • The best way to retain sales talent is to continually help them achieve their goals

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