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Episode 011 Doug Miller, CEO, Strategic Sales Search

Doug Miller is the CEO at Strategic Sales Search. Strategic Sales Search has helped technology companies build world-class sales and marketing teams. We help companies find a hidden talent pool of sales and marketing pro’s every day. These highly effective pros are hidden because they are blind to job boards and postings because they are too […]

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Complacency In The Workplace Kills profits

I was talking with a CEO the other day who stated, “You should see our company when there is an emergency. Employees jump into action and go above and beyond the call of duty. All the departments set aside their differences and work together as one highly effective team. Everyone in the organization do whatever […]

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Why office politics exist in the workplace?

I am often asked, “Why office politics exist in the workplace?” The main reason people behave in this selfish manner is that they are biologically hot-wired to do so. If we want to improve how people behave in our organizations we need to use tools like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is also very effective at changing […]

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Episode 010 Fred Diamond, Co-founder, Institute for Excellence in Sales shares the 3 questions that lead to success

Fred Diamond is the co-founder and executive director at The Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES). TheIES strives to help sales professionals and leaders — no matter where they are in their careers — with world-class education and tools to increase their success. Service professionals get the tools they need to gain skills in the […]

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Episode 009 Ken Rochon, Visionary at The Umbrella Syndicate shares the 3 questions that lead to success

Ken Rochon is an accomplished entrepreneur of over 30 years with Absolute Entertainment, published author of eight books, including Becoming the Perfect Networker, Succeeding 1 Connection @ a Time, global fusion DJ, founder of Perfect World Network/Perfect Networker, photographer, world traveler, and recipient of America’s Most Influential Business Connector of 2010.  Highlights: Living a purpose driven life […]

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EPISODE 008: Noah Berk, President of OBO Agency shares how to create a better customer experience

Noah Berk is the co-founder and head of strategy at OBO Agency. With more than 15 years of B2B sales and marketing experience ranging from startups to large enterprises, he drives the company’s strategy in transforming the way clients conduct generate business. Highlights from Podcast Instead of chasing money, focus on helping customers and the […]

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improve your productivity at work using NLP

Improve Your Performance At Work With NLP

High-performance organizations have better employee retention, they are more productive and generate more revenue and profits than their mediocre counterparts. Additionally, they make better decisions and are able to course correct sooner when mistakes are made. These organizations are always looking for ways to Improve Performance. To build an exceptional organization you need to ensure that […]

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