June 12

Alice Heiman on Selling


According to Forbes.com "Heiman is a diligent student and teacher of what works. She is among the world’s leading experts on the complex sale." Miller Heiman original with 20+ years growing sales organizations to greatness.

Alice demonstrates how sales performance is directly related to a leader’s mindset. When sales leaders change the way they work with sales teams, results are immediate and dramatic.

Virtual Keynotes, Coaching and Training - over 10 years of experience presenting virtually

#SalesLeaders - Sales shouldn't be hard! Do you have a B2B, complex sale? Do your investors/shareholders expect double or triple digit growth?

Is your team struggling to generate qualified leads? Is your team losing large deals? Will you hit your quota?

You are charged with growth. Your team must master the complex sale, shorten your sales cycle and build a sales plan that provides sustainable growth. You must focus on acquisition, retention and growth.

Our clients have seen a 30 to 75% increase in their sales over the time we have worked with them. We have coached and trained sales organizations from start-up to Fortune 100. It's exciting to see them crush their sales goals.

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