5 effective sales techniques

5 Effective Sales Techniques You Can Start Today!

In sales, we’ve all been there. Finding that one magic sales technique to make more sales and make them come easy. But here’s the truth: An average company loses between 10 – 30 percent of its customers each year because of poor sales. What’s the missing link? Often times while giving a sales pitch, a lot of what is being said and what is being understood is lost in meaning because of poor communication. Using these 5 tips, not only will you be improving your sales game but you will also be making smarter connections between you and your client that out-stands from other sales reps.


  1. Take the Road Less Traveled – Challenge the Status Quo

According to a typical sales person, here is the usual sales process: you pitch a brilliant idea to the prospect and your competitor does the same. In a linear sales process, the prospect either chooses you or your competitor and it ends there. But in reality those are not the only two options. There’s a third option: No decision, which chosen most of the times. Around 50% of the deals are lost at the hands of ‘no decision’ rather than the competitor, and most salespeople hit this plateau all too often. The only way to get unstuck from this is to challenge the status quo. Take the road less traveled and get your prospect to see that change, believe in that change that the only solution is your solution.


  1. Find Your Mjolnir and Weild It

Rhetorically, how much overlap is there between your offer and your competitor’s offer to the prospect? Studies show that in most B2B companies, the overlap is 70% higher. And with this much similarity, what makes your offer so special. Here is what to do: Focus on your signature move, your value wedge, and your unique style. What makes your deal so much more valuable, practical and irresistible for your prospect that they absolutely cannot decline it? Your value proposition must be personalized, essential to the need of the customer and indispensable.


  1. “Don’t Bore them with Facts, Enthrall them with Story” – Anonymous

If you’re like most salespeople, you must be telling your tale that doesn’t make you stand out from other companies all that much. But in order to create a strong and powerful perception of your worth, you must tell a story that transpires a sense of contrast to the customer. Remember, your prospect isn’t going to become a customer if by listening to your technical jargon. So when you share your story, don’t be afraid to link your data with emotion. A great way to do that is to tell a story about a real-life situation where people were struggling in a particular environment and how their lives took a turn for the better and they became less stressed because of the solution only you offered them.

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  1. Who’s the Hero?

While you’re sharing your story, there’s got to be a hero in it. And if the alpha male or the hero in your story is you, then there’s a problem. You must take a few steps back and rework your story to make the customer the hero of your story. Consider this: In the larger scheme of things, it’s the customer who is saving the day, not you. Your role comes in as a mentor, or a sidekick. Someone who is enabling the hero to see the emerging problems and solutions to overcome those problems, (and save the day ;))


  1. Get Creative!

One of the most undervalued, underestimated and underutilized method of delivering is using props. A sales job, despite being mechanical, is a creative game. And whosoever whips up the most innovative way to deliver gets the client. Props give meaning to your story. They break the boring pattern of a typical sales pitch and keep your prospect attentive and eager to learn more. The best thing about using props is that they are physical reminders. So your prospects will always associate that object with your sales story and will continue to sell long after your meeting with them.


There are no rules of thumb for sales techniques. Every sales rep will have their own set of experiences one can learn from. But using the key points mentioned above and getting them in your sales routine, you will find your signature move to closing a great deal and turning prospects into clients will come to you as second nature.



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