7 Keys To Developing A Killer Sales Script

One of the fastest ways to grow your revenue in order to be a better salesperson is to get more multi-appointments using sales scripts and there is nothing better than the telephone to do that. I know people are saying the telephone is hard, use social media. Social media is great for research but there is nothing better than getting the right person on the phone, with the right sales script to grow your company’s revenue exponentially.


There are seven key elements to writing a good sales script. If you don’t get the sales script right you are destined to fail!

I’m going to show you what those seven elements are and how you can become a superstar at using the phone to get the appointments. This is the fastest way to grow your organization.

  1. Once you get that sales script done right, it will allow your business to be scalable so you can hire more salespeople. The script will get them up and profitable very quickly. If they have issues you can coach them on how to use that script really well. This is the best way to get a ton more appointments. That leads to new customers that will accelerate the growth of your business in a radical way.
  2. You need to grab the attention of your prospect or the call will result in a hang-up. Using a pattern interrupt can is a powerful way to do just that. People are busy in their lives; they get a phone call, they pick it up and somebody says, “Hi. My name is Jane, I’m from XYZ.” As soon as they hear that people know it’s a sales call. And the first thing they want to do is to hang up and get back to their work. A pattern interrupt (a question or a statement) something that’s going to stop them dead in their tracks is what’s called for. This statement or question is designed so they want to hear what you have to say.
  3. Sales people hate calling scripts because they are scared they are going to sound scripted. “This dude is not even talking to me he is reading a script.” There are techniques you can use (that I’ll show you in the subsequent set of videos) that will make you sound warm and natural even though you are reading a script. This is the way to make them feel a connection with you so they are more likely to do business with you.
  4. You need to listen. Experts in communications tell us most people are too busy in their own thoughts to truly listen to others. As a salesperson, you need to be a better listener. It is easy to say but how do you do become a better listener? In one of the videos coming up in this series, I will show you a technique that will make you one of the world’s best listeners. Listening becomes part of your sales script because your prospects can feel that connection with you over the phone. Listening builds trust making is safer for them to do business with you.
  5. Let’s face it: Writing sucks! It’s not an easy thing to do well. For example, so many people want to write a book but so few actually do. The ones that do are hard pressed to make a living out of it because their writing does not connect with their audience. So getting a mere mortal salesperson to write that script that connects with prospects is a near impossibility. In an upcoming video, I’ll show you a simple technique to write a script that turns prospects into clients.
  6. Your sales script is a living, breathing document. What this means is you are going to write it. Then make it better before you put it into action. Once you start using it you will make adjustments to make it better and better.
  7. Use the scientific method to continually improve the script. Always be asking questions like “Is our opening working well?” Or why is John struggling with the third section of our script? To do this type of evaluation we need to break down our script into sections. This granularity and probing ensures we are continually improving our results.

Using a well-written script is the best way to get more appointments and to increase the revenue for our organizations. Keep an eye out for the subsequent articles that are coming up. They will dig deeper into each element of the script you become a master sales script writer.

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Here are seven elements of a highly effective sales script:

  1. Sales scripts make your business scalable
  2. Use a pattern interrupt to get the prospect’s attention
  3. Don’t sound like you are reading a sales script
  4. Really listen to your prospects
  5. Writing a good script is difficult
  6. Continually improve your sales script
  7. Always be testing and improving the script


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